students about literature in general as it is becoming "▓marginalized by digital culture and visual culture." His Chinese literature course is no exc

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eption."I th▓ink another challenge we have here i▓s that students are not necessarily reading a lot of literature anyway, " he said. "We have to draw

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their att▓ention back to the specific richness of langua▓ge and text. But I also use more fi▓lm and visual culture in my classes."As to his students' rea


ction to the "By the River" novel▓la collection, he said: "American students▓ who don't know so much about China find it▓ a little difficult to relate to the problem▓s and issues that characters in these stories are dealing

with.""Some of them liked stories more than I ex▓pected them to. And some of them di▓sliked stories that I thought that they would like," he said. "But I think they▓ make a great component to use in teaching about modern and contemporary Chinese literature.""Apart from learning the thoughts, feelings, and priorities of Chin▓ese characters or

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authors, I think l▓iterature helps convince us of our common▓ humanity," he said. "This is particularly important in a w▓orld that uses language and media increasingly to divide us and distance ▓us from others.""People who don't read foreign literatures are more likely to view people of other c▓ultures as fundamentally different and incomp


rehensible. Literature reminds us that behi▓nd walls of politics and ideology there continue to be ordinary people, flir▓ting with each other, dealing with the deaths of their parents, stealing bicycles,

catching a cold, competing for recognition, or worrying that they look too old ▓when they see themselves in t

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